Kelvin Park Early Years Centre

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Enrolment Procedures

Admissions & Early Years Charges

Once your child has reached the age of one year, you can place their name on the school Register of Applications by completing the standard form available from the office.

We will require seeing your child’s birth certificate and proof of address along with any other evidence to support your application.

Nursery places are allocated in line with Glasgow City Council’s Admissions and Banding policy at local Admission Panels.

When your first choice of Nursery cannot be given, consideration will be given to your second or third preferred nursery.

Where a place cannot be offered within any of the three preferred nurseries every effort will be made by the panel to offer an alternative place.

The charges for Early Years provision will vary according to family circumstances. Details of Early Years Charging Rates are available from the office.  


Children will be invited to play for one hour on their first day at nursery and parents/carers will be asked to complete enrolment forms.

The settling in process is gradual to allow children to form relationships and familiarise themselves with their new environment.

Every child is individual therefore settling in will differ from child to child. Key workers will work with parents/carers to ensure children settle into nursery at a pace that meets their needs.