Kelvin Park Early Years Centre

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Welcome to our school

We are a Glasgow City Council Early Learning and Childcare setting situated in the west end of Glasgow. The nursery opened in 2011. We are located on the perimeter of Kelvingrove Park, a very beautiful setting rich in ‘flora and fauna’. We play in our garden daily, regardless of weather and are delighted that our children can explore and learn in such a beautiful setting. We operate a ‘free-flow’ system where the children can opt to go outside or stay indoors. We encourage all of children to play outside every day.  This helps to extend and enhance our children’s learning experiences of nature, science and caring for teh environment.

Our close proximity to both the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, as well as the Hunterian museum located within the nearby University campus gives our children further scope to extend their expressive and aesthetic learning as well as their knowledge of natural history.

Our children, families and staff are central to the Kelvin Park ethos. We want our children to be happy and healthy in an environment where respect for each other and the environment is of the utmost importance. We treat children as individuals and allow them to flourish at their own pace with encouragement, support and challenge where appropriate.


Children, staff and parents were involved in the creation of Kelvin Park Early Years Centre’s Vision, Values and Aims.

Our Vision:

At Kelvin Park Early Years Centre, we welcome everyone to our safe, thought-provoking, learning environment. All at Kelvin Park are nurtured and supported to achieve the best outcomes.

                                                                            Our Values:

  • Nurture
  • Relationships
  • Equality
  • Wellbeing


We aim to:

  • provide high-quality early learning and childcare for all children.
  • foster a culture of creativity, curiosity and imagination.
  • nurture each child’s wellbeing and sense of belonging.
  • develop an ethos of partnership work to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.
  • create an inclusive learning environment with an ethos of active play and discovery
  • get it right for each and every child and family.
  • educate our children and families about sustainability.